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Divorce can have negative impact on job in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Divorce |

A third of the people who decide to get hitched will later get a divorce at least one time, based on data from new research. Getting divorced is not uncommon these days, in Connecticut and other states, and it often is easy to feel out of control when a divorce does happen. In some cases, the divorce can have a negative impact on one’s work life.

The stress of a divorce may cause a person to feel angry and frustrated, and he or she naturally brings this attitude to work and takes these feelings out on coworkers. In other instances, the divorce takes over a person’s focus, and the individual may neglect his or her work duties. The results of such behavior may either be temporary or lead to a complete derailment of one’s career.

It’s essential that individuals concentrate on their jobs when going through divorce. Failure to do this can cause a person’s sense of mental peace, as well as their financial future, to fall apart quickly. One way to separate a divorce from work is to maintain a diary regarding all tasks that need to be completed as part of divorce and then leaving this diary at home. In addition, it’s wise to avoid taking any calls related to the divorce while working.

It’s also wise to avoid discussing one’s divorce issues with colleagues, as this simply distracts a person from the job. Divorce can be financially and emotionally tough, but the more a person tries to negotiate on how to split assets or handle matters such as alimony with a soon-to-be-ex, the more in control he or she might feel. When negotiation simply doesn’t work, a Connecticut court will decide any outstanding issues with respect to the divorce.

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