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Child support payments paid by women an increasing phenomenon

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2014 | Child Support |

As the gender divide slowly closes over time and women are more and more regularly seen in positions of affluence and power, it makes sense that certain long-held precepts about divorce would change with the times. Here in Connecticut and elsewhere throughout the nation, women are becoming the primary breadwinners in households. As a result, more and more women are being held responsible for child support payments.

A study conducted last year revealed that about 40 percent of households in America with children feature women as primary breadwinners. This suggests a shift in the amount of time children spent with the other parent — in this case, their fathers. While this does not necessarily mean a woman will be held responsible for child support or spousal support payments, it certainly increases that potential.

Of course, this often depends on the individual laws in place in the state of residence. In a divorce situation, courts tend to attempt to divide responsibilities like child support based on what is fair for both individuals involved, and one of the criteria they look at is earning potential. If a woman is making more money than a man in that scenario, it would follow that she would be responsible for a larger chunk of the child’s necessities.

It is always important for individuals here in Connecticut and elsewhere to be aware of their rights and responsibilities in a divorce situation under state law. In cases of child support, this is even more critical because the well-being of the child hinges on how those payments are divided. Coming into a divorce proceeding with this knowledge can help ensure an equitable solution is reached.

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