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April 2014 Archives

Financial planning can aid in divorce settlement

It is no secret that many marital disagreements stem from money. This is particularly true in the case of divorce, as many Connecticut residents are already aware. Preparing for divorce is not just an emotional journey, though it is definitely that. It is also important to focus on financial planning to get a better 'top-down' picture of each spouse's finances going into the separation process.

Paying off student debt after a divorce

Student debt is on the rise across the nation. With tuition costs skyrocketing for post-secondary education, many Connecticut residents have turned to student loans to allow them access to higher education. However, should a married student choose to file for divorce, the question of how that debt is to be discharged becomes somewhat more complicated.

Financially planning for divorce can pay dividends

It is no secret that a separation can end up costing a lot in asset division. Divorce, as many Connecticut residents are aware, can become its most contentious where finance is concerned. That's why it can be such a benefit for those considering a divorce to take steps to ensure they are both ready for the new responsibilities awaiting them as single individuals.

Divorce rates rising in Connecticut, elsewhere

What was once commonly-held knowledge is now being called into question by new studies concerning the actual numbers detailing legal separations across America. Connecticut residents have widely believed that divorce rates have been steadily dropping since the days of Free Love in the 1960s, but new information suggests the opposite is true. A closer look at the existing numbers sheds light on how divorce statistics were incorrectly skewed.