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Amid adultery accusations, senator’s wife files for divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2014 | Divorce |

Of the myriad issues that can complicate a divorce proceeding, the charge of infidelity may be one of the most virulent. While Connecticut residents may not be shocked that this scandal originated in a senator’s office, they may be surprised to note that adultery is grounds for divorce in many states, including this one. In fact, adultery can have tangible effects on the outcome of a divorce settlement.

In the case of the maligned state senator from another jurisdiction, who has been held political office since the mid-1980s, his wife has accused him of having an affair with a former aide whom his office employed between 2010 and 2011. Little is known of the evidence, if any, that the wife’s representation has secured to substantiate this claim, as the senator’s representation has asked for the media’s discretion in reporting on the specifics of the proceedings. There is some concern that the senator’s professional reputation and position could be compromised by the facts of the case being publicized.

The aide in question, now a 26-year-old student, has not publicly spoken on this subject, so the case has gone into mediation in a court setting. The senator’s wife is seeking alimony and sole ownership of their marital home. No decisions have been reached by the divorce court as of this report.

Connecticut residents facing divorce understand how emotionally trying the experience can be, particularly if infidelity was involved. However, if provable adultery did occur, it may influence how a divorce court might divide assets, determine child custody and impact other key elements of the settlement. It can be beneficial for both spouses to understand how adultery can influence their divorce in a legal sense.

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