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December 2013 Archives

Are Connecticut soldiers filing for divorce less often_

The Rand Corporation recently posted the results of their study into military divorce statistics, and the numbers suggest separation in the army, navy, and Air Force are on the decline. Soldiers are filing for divorce with less frequency. Some experts have attributed this phenomenon to the relative decline of American military action in the Middle East, and the figures may apply to servicemembers residing in Connecticut.

Connecticut residents seeking divorce: January a better option

As a general rule, January is widely regarded as "divorce month" for many Americans. In Connecticut and elsewhere, the first month of the year traditionally sees more divorce filings than any other month in the calendar year. Some experts believe there are good reasons to wait until the new year to file for a separation.

Connecticut divorce facilitated by understanding process

One of the most common reasons separations become stressful for couples, apart from the obvious emotional investment, is that many people approach the negotiation table with only limited knowledge of how the process works. Connecticut residents are keenly aware how complicated a divorce can be, which is why many experts suggest seeking out an understanding of the rights and responsibilities inherent to the process under state law ahead of time. Doing so can smooth the road toward an equitable separation.

Understanding taxes vital to Connecticut divorce

The financial implications of a separation are not lost on anyone who has ever experienced the end of a marriage. However, Connecticut residents may be surprised to know that a divorce can play a role in how taxes will influence the dissemination of assets. This is of particular interest to couples with a high net worth, as they stand to lose more in an unfavorable taxation situation.