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October 2013 Archives

Connecticut residents facing divorce urged to think of late life

When a couple separates, it is very easy for both parties to focus all their attention on the short term. The end of a divorce proceeding is certainly something to be looked forward to, as many Connecticut residents are aware. However, many experts are saying it is even more important than ever to cast an eye forward to later life when going through a divorce, to ensure the building blocks are in place for a comfortable retirement.

Women may find themselves financially vulnerable in divorce

It is estimated that in the United States, more men than women are still the financial heads of their households, which can leave women at a disadvantage in a separation situation. It may come as a surprise to Connecticut residents that many women are not as financially knowledgeable as their husbands, and in a divorce, that lack of knowledge can result in an unfair settlement. It is important for women to be aware of their rights in a divorce situation before the paperwork goes through.

Divorce preferable to long-term separation for Connecticut women

In the modern era, couples who might otherwise dissolve a marriage are turning to informal separations to avoid the headaches and heartaches perceived to be part of a formal dissolution. However, many experts agree that divorce may be preferable to simply living apart for the long term. This is of particular interest to Connecticut women, who may be disadvantaged by such an arrangement if a divorce eventually occurs.