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Politician set to divorce after scandal

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Divorce |

A prominent former state governor is facing the end of his marriage after a sex scandal damaged his relationship, according to local media. Connecticut residents may be familiar with Eliot Spitzer, the former Attorney General and governor who resigned in the late 2000s after evidence came to light that he had been retaining the services of prostitutes. Now, as he prepares to run for the coveted state Comptroller position, his wife is pursuing divorce options.

The trouble began in 2008 when Spitzer was found to have spent the better part of $80,000 on call girls during his tenure both as Attorney General and as a state governor. He was the subject of a federal wire tap that led to these charges. As a result he stepped down from his gubernatorial position and remained outside the public spotlight for some time.

More recently, he has announced his intention to run for state Comptroller, though his wife Silda will not be joining him on the campaign trail. According to sources close to the Spitzer family, Silda no longer wishes to pursue her relationship with Eliot, and is intending to file for divorce in their home state. Sources say the scandal of 2008 permanently damaged their relationship, though Mister Spitzer has declined to comment on the issue, saying only that the public will judge him by his campaign platform, not by who is with him on the podium.

In Connecticut as in other states, adultery can be grounds for divorce. In the case of the Spitzers, it appears as though Silda will file for divorce on those grounds. Anyone who feels that adulterous action may have damaged their marriage to the point where divorce is a viable option is urged to seek support in determining how to best file for divorce.

Source: New York Magazine, “Silda Spitzer Isn’t Press Shy, Wants a Divorce,” Margaret Hartmann, July 26, 2013