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Financial disputes can be a red flag for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2013 | Divorce |

Couples fight about many different things in the course of a relationship, and many of those fights are perfectly healthy and natural. However, as some Connecticut residents can attest, those fights can sometimes escalate. If they become pervasive, some experts say they can point to a possible divorce in the couple’s future.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common argument couples have pertains to money. In fact, money out paces children, sex and every other topic of dispute for most couples. However, even though the argument is a relatively common one, a new study suggests that fighting about funds early in the marriage may be a predictor for divorce in the future.

According to some experts, arguments about money tend to last longer and be more vitriolic than other fights a couple might experience. It therefore takes longer for people to “cool down,” and hurt feelings tend to translate into long-standing resentment, especially when the fight flares up again. The studies suggest these arguments are not limited to those on a shoestring budget — regardless of income and earnings, couples fight harder and dirtier over their pocketbooks than anything else.

No one enters a marriage wanting to see it end in divorce, but if issues are not dealt with effectively throughout the relationship, small fights can turn into major problems. Some experts suggest that Connecticut couples consider prenuptial agreements in advance of walking down the aisle to help curb the potential for money-based spats. If divorce is inevitable, seeking support in working out the allocation of assets can be helpful to clear the air of fiscal fights once and for all.

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