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February 2013 Archives

Divorce options exist for Connecticut spouses

In recent years, the media has placed a heavy focus on the most contentious and bitter of divorces. Whether it is coverage of a nasty celebrity divorce or reality television shows that seem to revolve on nothing other than warring spouses, the images we see of divorce are almost universally negative. This is unfortunate, because there are many ways that a Connecticut couple can end a marriage, and not all involve lengthy or embittered fighting.

Divorce more likely in second or third marriages

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old adage is one of the wisest bits of advice out there, yet many of us fail to acknowledge its simple truth. In regard to matters of love and money, we can be especially blind to common sense, often to our own detriment. For Connecticut residents who are considering a second or third marriage, a recently published story about divorce rates illustrates the dangers of going into a union without protecting against the risk of property division losses.

Groundbreaking joint custody move in one state

Connecticut readers may have heard media coverage of one state's efforts to level the playing field between mothers and fathers when it comes to child custody rights. A new bill has been proposed that would grant equal or joint custody rights to fathers of children who are born out of wedlock. If successful, this would be the first state to do so, and could lead to similar changes in states across the nation.

Divorce can mean a lower tax burden for some in 2013

On the list of things to dread, filing one's taxes has a revered spot near the top. For Connecticut couples who are preparing to divorce, many have questions and concerns about how their new filing status will affect their tax burden. While there seems to be very little good news on the issue of tax changes, some of the differences coming into play in 2013 may actually benefit certain divorced couples.

Tips to assist kids through divorce, child custody struggles

For most Connecticut parents who are considering divorce, concerns over the impact the choice will have on their children is of primary import. Although some couples are able to handle the transition with grace and maturity, many child custody battles become extremely aggressive and embittered. Protecting one's children from the negative aspects of these struggles is important, and can have a great deal of influence on how they handle the eventual divorce.