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When divorce is on the list of New Year’s resolutions

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2013 | Divorce |

Connecticut spouses who are considering filing for divorce in the early weeks of the new year are not alone. January has long been the most popular month to file for divorce, for a number of reasons. Many spouses go through one last holiday as a family in order to lessen the impact for their children. Others find tax advantages in waiting until the start of a new year to file. No matter the reasons behind the timing, there are a number of steps that spouses can take before filing that can help ensure a beneficial outcome.

One central issue in many divorces involves matters of child custody. Before moving forward with a divorce filing, it is important to think ahead to the type of custody agreement you wish to obtain. If there is any doubt that your partner will agree to your preferred arrangement, it is critical to take steps to better your position in the case of a custody battle. Record your activities with your children, in order to be able to prove a consistent presence in their lives. Be sure to place the needs of the kids ahead of your own wants, which can be difficult if the divorce is likely to be contentious.

Another major consideration is often the disposition of the family home. This can be another topic of prolonged negotiations, and can delay the divorce process while parties struggle over who should remain in the house. When considering this issue, be sure that you are doing so with a full understanding of the true costs of maintaining the home, especially with a reduced income as a single person. In many cases, selling the home and dividing the profits makes far more financial sense for all involved.

By taking the time to make savvy decisions at the early stages of a divorce, it is possible for both parties to move through the process with as little stress as possible. The best case scenario is always for both parties to leave the marriage with a solid financial foundation from which to rebuild financial security in the coming years. The best way to achieve this outcome is to keep the focus on the future, and to fully understand the financial and emotional implications of the decisions made within the Connecticut divorce process.

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