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Connecticut women risk loss of health insurance after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2012 | Divorce |

In the early stages of divorce planning, many Connecticut spouses focus almost exclusively on the ‘big ticket’ issues in their particular divorce scenario. These issues are usually child custody and property division, and there is no doubt that these topics require a great deal of time and attention. However, there are a range of other issues that might seem trivial at first glance, but have the potential to become major financial concerns once the divorce is final.

Health insurance is one of those issues. A recently released study asserts that women in particular are at high risk of losing their health care coverage in the timeframe immediately following divorce. Researchers found that as many as 115,000 women will lose their coverage after divorce each year. Even more significant is the finding that as many as 65,000 of these women will remain uninsured over the long term.

Many women are covered under their husband’s employment benefits; once the divorce is final they no longer qualify as dependents and are therefore dropped from the existing policy. Some will be able to gain coverage through their own employment package, but many others will be forced to go without health insurance, at least for the short term. Should an individual require extensive medical care due to illness or injury while he or she is uninsured, the financial ramifications can be devastating.

The best way to prevent insurance from becoming a major financial concern after the divorce is final is to deal with the issue during the negotiation process. It is important for women in Connecticut to understand what it will cost to gain new insurance coverage, and to include these costs into the overall negotiation strategy. While this approach may require a shift in focus during negotiations, the final result could greatly impact one’s financial security as they move forward into their new life as a single person.

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