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DNA tests could play into calculating child support

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2012 | Child Support |

Connecticut fathers who are paying child support may have heard of a new service offered in New York. The owner of a brick-and-mortar DNA and drug testing clinic has taken to the streets in an effort to drum up new business. For some fathers, this service could be instrumental in settling any existing doubts concerning whether they are, in fact, the father of the children for whom they pay support. In calculating child support, evidence that disproves paternity can make all the difference in court.

The owner of the DNA and drug testing service has refitted an RV for his mobile offerings. The side of the vehicle sports “Who’s Your Daddy?” in large letters, along with a listing of the company’s services. The innovative marketing approach is effective at turning heads; reports of people stopping to take photos abound, even when they have no need for the services provided in the RV.

The owner states that most clients choose to come into the RV for an initial consultation, then follow up with an appointment for testing at the company’s fixed office location. However, clients have the option of having the screening done in the mobile unit. In fact, the owner regularly assists fathers who come in with their young children in tow. Peace of mind, it would seem, may be something of an impulse buy.

When a man is purported to be the father of a child and subsequently ordered to pay support, obtaining a DNA test is often the first step in the legal process. However, many Connecticut fathers fail to consider the possibility that they may not be the father of their claimed children until long after the courts are through calculating child support. In those cases, getting a discrete DNA screening could help settle the issue, and can also help support any legal action a man may choose to bring against a woman who falsely claimed that he fathered her child.

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