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October 2012 Archives

How to best handle the transfer of real estate during divorce

During many divorce proceedings in Connecticut, the process of property division takes center stage. For a lot of couples, issues concerning how to handle the family home become paramount. While some couples will agree to sell the house and split the proceeds as a part of their divorce agreement, this option is not so simple in a real estate market that has yet to recover from the recent crash.

Financial guidance for Connecticut couples going through divorce

Many people view a divorce solely as an ending; the end of a relationship, a partnership and the shared family home. However, a Connecticut divorce is also a new beginning and opens up both spouses to the chance for a new life that is structured around their own individual wants and needs. To that end, the financial decisions spouses make during their divorce process must be carefully considered and made with an eye to the future.

Domestic violence requires action and support

Connecticut residents may have gotten the news that October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. However, few people realize that many victims of domestic violence are men. Women certainly suffer from domestic violence far more frequently than men do, but we shouldn't assume that men aren't also subject to domestic abuse.

Connecticut police have new domestic violence checklist

When police arrive at the scene of a domestic dispute in Connecticut, they will now have in their possession a checklist that is meant to help officers determine exactly how serious the situation is. The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence is the driving force behind the new training program being piloted in 14 communities.

Collaborative divorce gaining support in Connecticut

Divorce is never easy. Child custody, spousal support and property division are common divorce issues that need to be addressed. One way to settle these points of contention is through litigation, but most people want to avoid that situation. Collaborative divorce might be the better route to take when seeking a divorce that satisfies both parties' wishes.