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What if the kids stayed put and parents move out after divorce?

Many Connecticut children go from residing with both parents to moving back and forth between single parent households when their parents' marriages end. Although some children are able to adapt to their new lifestyles others suffer tremendous emotional trauma. Since most parents want what's best for their children, especially in divorce, some are trying a new type of parenting plan that allows children to remain in the same home they shared when their parents were married.

Are you worried about hidden assets in divorce?

When you decided to sever your marital ties in a Connecticut court, you probably imagined various types of scenarios that might occur during proceedings. Perhaps, you and your spouse would disagree about child custody issues or need help negotiating a new parenting plan for life after divorce. Maybe everything would run smoothly and achieving an amicable settlement would be much easier than you assumed.

Obstacles that get in the way of post divorce happiness

Connecticut couples who decide to end their marriages in court often face numerous types of challenges as they navigate the process. No one claims divorce is easy, and adults and children alike rarely survive such situations unscathed. Sometimes emotional scars run deep; for others, life after divorce is wrought with financial stress or child/parent relationship problems.

Divorce in Connecticut: Minimizing the negative aspects

Most people who get married in Connecticut (or elsewhere) assume their unions will last for the rest of their lives. While some couples go on to celebrate their golden wedding anniversaries and beyond, others wind up in divorce court a decade or so after their wedding days. The challenges and long-lasting effects of dissolving a marriage can be many. However, it is often possible to mitigate negative circumstances and achieve agreeable outcomes that help all involved move toward successful, happy futures.

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr seeks divorce after 25 years

The decision to end a marriage is seldom done without careful consideration and often comes with mixed emotions, especially when the relationship has spanned more than two decades. When one lives in the public eye, a divorce filing usually attracts the attention of the media as well as the general population, which may make the process all the more difficult. While the majority of Connecticut families can enjoy privacy when it comes to these life-changing decisions, others may be fair game for public scrutiny.

Divorce may be the happily ever after

In the beginning, the bride and groom dream of their happily ever after. For some Connecticut couples, this means buying a home, having children and growing old together. For other couples, the happily ever after only turns to happily ever after once the divorce is finalized.

Divorce and frivolous spending

Once the tears dry up and reality sets in, it is time to analyze the situation and decide the best way to move forward. Divorce is usually not an easy process; however, most Connecticut individuals make it through and find a way to create a new life for themselves. While there are many issues that need to be considered, the financial ones are often the ones that can be of greatest immediate concern.

Divorce and taxes

All the details appear to be worked out and agreements have been reached. On the surface, it appears that everything with a Connecticut divorce has been taken care of. However, when it comes to alimony and taxes, there can still be some sticking points.