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Connecticut celebrity caught up in child support battle

Connecticut celebrities can find themselves in situations that leave their personal lives open to the public. One such athlete, Miguel Cabrera, is in the midst of a now very public child custody battle with a woman in another state. She claims he is not paying enough in child support. He contests, saying the florist is trying to get more money from him for personal use under the guise of child support payments.

A baseball hall-of-famer and highly paid player has found himself in a very public child support battle. The mother of his two children says that Miguel Cabrera is not currently paying enough child support and is requesting more than $100,000 a month. The 35-year-old mother would like for her two kids to receive the same standard of living as the three children of Cabrera's and his wife of 15 years.

Child custody battle could have Connecticut parents fleeing

When the issue of divorce or separation becomes the elephant in the room for couples and children are involved, a bitter battle may ensue. Some parents will go as far as breaking the law to keep a child from the other parent. Connecticut parents caught up in a child custody case can find themselves searching for their child and the missing ex-partner when the custody battle heats up.

A young mother in another state has recently been found after fleeing with her young son. For four months the 19-year-old mother was on the run to avoid shared custody with her ex-husband. Authorities believe that the woman's parents aided her in the abduction and gave authorities inaccurate statements and misleading information.

A toxic divorce in Connecticut can be an emotional roller coaster

When a relationship has run its course and a couple decides they can no longer move forward together, separating is usually the next step to follow. As the marriage dissolves, most Connecticut couples find it in their best interest to find a common ground and make the divorce amicable. Instances can come up where one spouse will make the process of severing all ties hurtful, harmful and toxic.

Some spouse may become very combative, verbally and emotionally, when presented with a divorce. For whatever reason, they begin to use any and all means necessary to exert some control over the situation or make the separation as difficult as possible. Dragging out court battles, hiding assets to dwindle down alimony or using the children to relay unpleasant messages are just some tactics a narcissist will employ.

Men can be victims of domestic violence too

When Connecticut residents come across stories of spousal or domestic abuse, many assume that the abuser is a man and the victim a woman. Some cases of domestic abuse are, in fact, perpetrated by women; at least 2 percent. When a man in another state called police last year, claiming allegations of domestic violence, police officers assumed the same thing.

Two police officers were placed on a 10-day suspension after refusing to heed a man's claim that he was the victim in a physical altercation with his girlfriend. The man called police for help and upon the arrival of the officers, they issued both the male victim and the female perpetrator tickets for fighting. The officers also claimed the man instigated the incident. When the victim tried to show the two officers the video of the assault that he had recorded on his phone, both officers declined to view it.

Social status has no impact on Connecticut child custody cases

The breakup of a relationship can create a feeling of uncertainty in Connecticut children and a bitter war between the parents. Some adults can work through the issues and reach a child custody agreement that works well for all parties involved. Some relationships are so weighed down with a history of hurt feelings and resentfulness that the battle between the adults can rage on and cause delays in the finalization of legal issues, like child support and child custody. A very public breakup between Rob Kardashian and his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna has finally reached a settlement with regard to custody and child support of their infant daughter.

The relationship between the two reality stars has been an emotional and very public one. After their split a bitter child custody battle ensued, with each party claiming domestic abuse against the other. After a long and drawn out battle, Kardashian and Chyna have reached an agreement. They will have shared custody of the daughter Dream. Kardashian will pay $20,000 per month in child support.

Child custody and shared parenting in Connecticut

Divorce can be upsetting for adults, and it can also be traumatic for any children involved. The separation of parents can often leave kids wondering why, how and if they did anything to cause the split. Connecticut parents going through a divorce can ease the stress and burden of uncertainty for kids during a separation by considering shared parenting with regard to child custody.  

Shared parenting allows for both parents to be a part of the child's life. Studies have shown that for children to thrive, both parents should be a part of the picture and shared parenting allows for this outcome. With the help of counseling and mediation, conflict between parents can be minimized and children can sustain a positive relationship with both adults.

Victims of domestic violence in Connecticut are not alone

Relationships can often start out wonderfully, but they can be tricky and difficult for each partner to navigate. Disagreements and personality differences can bring out the worst in some people and, sometimes, a tendency toward violence that the other partner may not have been aware of at the beginning of the courtship. When domestic violence becomes an issue within a Connecticut couple's relationship, finding a way out is an important and often lifesaving necessity.

Authorities were called to the scene of domestic dispute recently. Reports indicate that a woman was being choked almost to the point of passing out. Upon arrival and after closer inspection, police noted injuries to her neck.

Victoria Azarenka facing fierce child custody battle

Working parents have what seems like a never-ending balancing act when it comes to family life and work. The demands of work and parenthood can create a stressful and overwhelming feeling of inadequacy in one's ability to keep both aspects of their life fluid and organized. When a Connecticut couple decides to split up, the issue of child custody can become another ball added to the juggling act that parents must face. Celebrity couples are not immune from family law issues and share the encouragement to keep going through the rough spots.

Victoria Azarenka has recently returned to the professional sport of tennis after a six-month maternity leave. Her enthusiastic return and success has fueled the can-do spark of working mothers everywhere. However, a recent split with her long-term boyfriend and son's father has led to a child custody battle that will not allow for either parent to take their son out of state without the written consent of the other parent. This could keep Azarenka out of the upcoming U.S. Open.

Is mediation right for a Connecticut divorce?

Marriages dissolve for many reasons, and mediation may seem like the best option to handle the separation. Untangling the finances and designating child custody and spousal support can be a daunting task even when couples are willing to work together to seek the best outcome under the circumstances. While mediation provides a less costly and more civil approach to a Connecticut divorce, the option is not one that is always advisable.

Some relationships, once vibrant and full of possibility, turn dark and both parties suffer within the confinement of the union. When this situation presents itself and one or both parties harbor sheer hatred for one another, mediation may not be the best answer. Mediation requires both parties to be willing to listen and consider the other party's perspective, not only with regard to what happened in the relationship, but also how assets and custody should be designated.

Domestic violence has no social status in Connecticut

As Connecticut couples go through their ever changing and growing roles in life, the relationship often strengthens. Sometimes, though, it breaks apart. Most relationships that end do so with few specific incidents. Some partners are unable to control their rage or heartbreak and result to violence to exert their will over the other partner. The NBA Clipper's center, Willie Reed, has recently been arrested on a domestic violence charge after an argument with his wife, who expressed her desire for a divorce.

Reports indicate that the big man was booked at 3:07 a.m. after his wife reported to police that their verbal argument became physical. After telling her husband that she wished to leave, she says he told her to leave and then grabbed her purse, which caused her to fall off balance. Allegedly, he then proceeded to drag her through the apartment until the purse strap broke. Once the strap broke, she says she tried to run. It's claimed that he then grabbed her by her shirt, which then tore.