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Get your affairs in order before filng a Connecticut divorce

Even though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how many marriages end in divorce, many experts agree that the percentage hovers near at least 40 percent. With that many people ending their marriages, it is surprising that people are not more prepared before they file for divorce. Connecticut residents who are contemplating divorce may want to consider getting their affairs in order before filing.

Dividing a home during divorce can be challenging

Separating is never easy, but the logistics of dividing property can be even more challenging. Connecticut residents who have been through divorce can attest that it can be difficult to determine how property, especially large-ticket items like homes, should be divided. This is why it can be beneficial for both parties to learn more about the property division laws in their state before starting the divorce process, in order to be better prepared for any challenges that might arise.

Likelihood of divorce increases with illness

A new study suggests that illness can play a role in the longevity of marriages. The study, which may surprise Connecticut residents, indicates that divorce becomes more likely in incidences of chronic or serious sickness arising for one member of a couple. While the last few years has seen a dramatic rise in so-called grey divorce for older couples, this study sheds new light on one of the potential causes for the phenomenon.

Budgeting for Connecticut divorce: Best practices

When preparing to file for divorce, many Connecticut spouses feel the need to set aside funding in case the process becomes contentious or lengthy. The impulse to prepare is not only understandable, but is also a savvy financial move. However, the manner in which one funds a 'hidden' divorce fund is very important, as the ramifications for making a poor decision can be severe.

Divorce can mean a lower tax burden for some in 2013

On the list of things to dread, filing one's taxes has a revered spot near the top. For Connecticut couples who are preparing to divorce, many have questions and concerns about how their new filing status will affect their tax burden. While there seems to be very little good news on the issue of tax changes, some of the differences coming into play in 2013 may actually benefit certain divorced couples.

Divorce issues are often different for older spouses

Many in Connecticut may have been shocked to learn that actors Danny DeVito and wife Rhea Perlman have filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage. However, statistics suggest that more and more older adults are ending marriages. In fact, one university study asserts that the divorce rate for individuals who are 50 years of age or older has more than doubled since 1990. Older spouses also have different divorce issues with which to contend than their younger counterparts.

How to best handle the transfer of real estate during divorce

During many divorce proceedings in Connecticut, the process of property division takes center stage. For a lot of couples, issues concerning how to handle the family home become paramount. While some couples will agree to sell the house and split the proceeds as a part of their divorce agreement, this option is not so simple in a real estate market that has yet to recover from the recent crash.

Collaborative divorce gaining support in Connecticut

Divorce is never easy. Child custody, spousal support and property division are common divorce issues that need to be addressed. One way to settle these points of contention is through litigation, but most people want to avoid that situation. Collaborative divorce might be the better route to take when seeking a divorce that satisfies both parties' wishes.

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