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Why filing for divorce first is a smart move

Throughout the Connecticut divorce process there are a multitude of decisions that must be made. In many cases, the ramifications of these decisions can have lasting effects. Perhaps the most significant choice facing a spouse is whether to file for divorce first or wait for one's husband or wife to file.

Divorce can grant an ex-spouse Social Security benefits

When a divorced individual nears retirement age, his or her thoughts often turn toward retirement funding. In some cases, these needs were addressed during the Connecticut divorce process, and adequate retirement savings were gained in the final settlement. In some cases, however, divorced spouses near retirement age without sufficient funding. This can leave some wondering if they are able to collect on an ex-spouse's Social Security benefits.

Retirement planning at play in divorce issues

Planning for one's retirement is an important aspect of overall financial planning, especially as one ages. For Connecticut couples who divorce as retirement approaches, concerns about retirement funding take high priority, and can become one of the most essential divorce issues within the dissolution of a marriage. While divorce can be a challenging time, it is imperative that spouses make savvy decisions that meet their long-term goals.

Budgeting for Connecticut divorce: Best practices

When preparing to file for divorce, many Connecticut spouses feel the need to set aside funding in case the process becomes contentious or lengthy. The impulse to prepare is not only understandable, but is also a savvy financial move. However, the manner in which one funds a 'hidden' divorce fund is very important, as the ramifications for making a poor decision can be severe.

Divorce can mean a lower tax burden for some in 2013

On the list of things to dread, filing one's taxes has a revered spot near the top. For Connecticut couples who are preparing to divorce, many have questions and concerns about how their new filing status will affect their tax burden. While there seems to be very little good news on the issue of tax changes, some of the differences coming into play in 2013 may actually benefit certain divorced couples.

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