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Older people seeking divorce more common, experts say

It's been called "Grey Divorce" -- the prevalence of baby boomers over 50 seeking separations from long-term partners is on the rise. Connecticut residents approaching retirement age are actually statistically more likely to seek a divorce than ever before in history. Experts believe there are several contributing factors to this new trend.

Alimony for Connecticut men facing divorce not a sure thing

The changing landscape of the American economy means more women are earning more money than ever before in history. While this is doubtless a positive step forward in terms of social development and the pursuit of equality, some men facing a divorce here in Connecticut and elsewhere throughout the nation are seeing a possible downside to this trend. Alimony payouts for men earning less than their spouses are statistically hard to come by, and may lead to a serious change in lifestyle for the former husband.

Considering insurance issues important in Connecticut divorce

There are many considerations a separating couple must address when dividing assets and responsibilities. Many Connecticut residents facing divorce will focus on large issues like child support and debt division. However, of equal importance is the issue of insurance -- from life insurance to car insurance. How do couples facing separation deal with dividing these critical policies?

New bill in Connecticut set to alter domestic violence laws

The state House of Representatives has just passed a new bill that will modify existing laws for certain violent crimes. Specifically, the new bill put forth here in Connecticut will make changes to laws governing domestic violence and crimes of a sexual nature. Thankfully, the bill is slated to improve the lot of victims rather than provide more protection for perpetrators.

Divorce rates for same-sex couples difficult to measure

As civil unions become more prevalent across the nation, many same-sex couples are eager to take advantage of their newfound right to wed. However, others are just as eager to exercise their right to divorce, both here in Connecticut and elsewhere. How many same-sex couples are seeking divorce? Ultimately, the nature of same-sex marriage in the first place makes the answer "hard to say."

Ex-wife seeks to modify divorce settlement

Whenever parties finalize a divorce, there may still be cause for ex-spouses to meet in court again. The recent case of an ex-wife and her Major League baseball team franchise owner ex-husband highlights how seeking a divorce settlement modification or nullification can land former couples back in court. Any Connecticut couples in the midst of divorce may want to follow the case to see if the modified settlement that is being sought is awarded years after the original settlement.

Divorce issues different for older Connecticut spouses

The divorce rate among older Americans is higher than ever before. High profile splits between couples such as Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al and Tipper Gore have brought the issue to the forefront. Recent statistics suggest that as many as one in every four divorced spouses is 50 years of age or older. The divorce issues facing older Connecticut residents are different than those for couples in their twenties or thirties.

Child custody mistakes could be devastating to Connecticut parent

Connecticut parents make daily decisions concerning the health and well-being of their children. We research the best toys to buy, make sure our homes are fully child-proofed and choose activities that will both entertain and enrich our children. However, for a growing number of single parents, one of the most essential forms of protection is often overlooked. When one parent is absent or shows little interest in his or her child, the other parent often believes that there is no need for a formal child custody agreement. In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Connecticut women risk loss of health insurance after divorce

In the early stages of divorce planning, many Connecticut spouses focus almost exclusively on the 'big ticket' issues in their particular divorce scenario. These issues are usually child custody and property division, and there is no doubt that these topics require a great deal of time and attention. However, there are a range of other issues that might seem trivial at first glance, but have the potential to become major financial concerns once the divorce is final.

Unusual divorce case involves absentee groom

Family courts in Connecticut and across the nation deal with a wide range of divorce proceedings. While many follow the 'traditional' lines of the divorce process, some present unique and sometimes even bizarre legal challenges to the table. One recent divorce case gives an excellent example of the types of issues that courts must determine.

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