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What happens to the family pet in a divorce?

The dissolution of a marriage can be a very stressful time for couples who are seeking to separate their once-entangled lives. When most people hear the word divorce, they often conjure up the idea of who gets what with regard to tangible property. Recently, Connecticut has witnessed an uptick of divorce cases involving pets, which is creating a tipping point for some couples. Who gets the fur baby when both parties may have a vested interest in the family pet?

Technology complicates divorce issues for Connecticut residents

When a Connecticut spouse who has been in an abusive or controlling relationship decides to end the union, that person's significant other may not be ready to move on. Controlling and abusive partners can make leaving the relationship, filing for divorce and working through divorce issues a fearful and stress-laden event. Advances in technology have made access to a person's whereabouts, phone conversations and other private matters legally available to almost anyone who wishes to track that person using a GPS or tracking application installed on that person's cell phone.

January is the month for Connecticut divorce

It is a well-known fact among many Connecticut attorneys and family court officials that January is a season of separation. Divorce filings seem to skyrocket in the month of January, and the reasons are as scattered as the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. With New Year's resolutions being made, the need for changes in one's life may spark the desire for ending a marriage that has been riddled with issues for some time.

Understanding the financial implications of a Connecticut divorce

Relationships have their ups and downs, and most couples know when the downs have hit rock bottom with no way to go back up. What was once a lifelong commitment founded on a friendship and love can deteriorate, and severing the ties that bind may be the only option. The monetary aspect of a Connecticut divorce and what follows may not be given a thought until the inevitable is fast approaching. Money is property and dividing up the marital assets is one of the biggest aspects of a divorce. Making the preparations, should a divorce occur, does not guarantee that it will happen, but it does offer a sense of financial security should it become a reality.

Connecticut parents take a break from divorce during the holidays

Separating from a spouse can be unsettling, but it can be traumatic for any young children involved. A divorce can often leave questions, uncertainty and blame for little ones to carry. During the holiday season, some Connecticut parents forgo the sentiment and often interfere with the other parent's visitation. These actions can carry consequences that have a lasting negative effect on the relationship with one's child.

Are Connecticut millenials thinking about divorce before marriage

As many millennials begin to contemplate marriage, one aspect that many Connecticut couples are looking at is that of a prenuptial agreement. Even though a divorce is not something any newly engaged couple wants to think about, the reality and statistics suggest otherwise. But against what many believe to be a disregard for traditions and a lack of loyalty, the reality is that many millennials are simply delaying marriage and have a more realistic view of the reality of marriage and what can happen.

Protecting business assets during a Connecticut divorce

Protecting one's assets during a separation can seem overwhelming. As more Connecticut women dive into the responsibility of business ownership, the thought of breaking the company apart during a divorce can be heart wrenching. Understanding the unique financial challenges that the end of a marriage can impose is crucial to ensuring that the division of assets is fair and comprehensive.

A toxic divorce in Connecticut can be an emotional roller coaster

When a relationship has run its course and a couple decides they can no longer move forward together, separating is usually the next step to follow. As the marriage dissolves, most Connecticut couples find it in their best interest to find a common ground and make the divorce amicable. Instances can come up where one spouse will make the process of severing all ties hurtful, harmful and toxic.

Is mediation right for a Connecticut divorce?

Marriages dissolve for many reasons, and mediation may seem like the best option to handle the separation. Untangling the finances and designating child custody and spousal support can be a daunting task even when couples are willing to work together to seek the best outcome under the circumstances. While mediation provides a less costly and more civil approach to a Connecticut divorce, the option is not one that is always advisable.

Feeling like divorce is unfair? This might help.

Some Connecticut couples decide that the best solution to their marital problems is to sever their legal ties in court. What leads to one divorce may be entirely different the issues underlying another one. There are, however, certain emotions and feelings that many people say they experience when navigating the divorce process, regardless of how they wound up in court.