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Posts tagged "spousal support"

State Attorney General files for divorce

A Attorney General from another state is ending her 14-year marriage, according to news local to the couple. Connecticut residents may be familiar with Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who recently filed for divorce from her husband of over a decade, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple will be entering divorce negotiations soon. 

Clint Eastwood completes divorce process

Famed Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has at last finalized his years-long separation battle, according to news sources. Connecticut residents will recognize Eastwood as a noted actor and director, but he has spent time in the spotlight in recent years as his divorce from his estranged wife Dina dragged on in a very public way. However, the couple has apparently finally reached a divorce settlement that works for them both. 

Former "Idol" judge to divorce

One of the three original judges of television's long-running hit karaoke competition "American Idol" is slated to legally end his marriage, according to celebrity news.  Randy Jackson, who Connecticut fans know has spent 12 years on the popular show as a talent judge, is in divorce proceedings as of this month.  Apparently Jackson's wife Erika filed the papers. 

Gray divorce sometimes attributed to "empty nest"

Parents everywhere will attest that when children leave the familial home, life changes forever. However, as some Connecticut residents are aware, this does not always bode well for the spouses left behind who must rediscover one another after years of fulfilling parental roles. Some experts believe this so-called "empty nest syndrome" can be a leading cause of gray divorce.

Be prepared for a less stressful divorce in Connecticut

If Connecticut residents who have been through a divorce are asked what, in their opinion, was the most difficult and emotional part of their divorce, the answer would probably be split between child custody and asset division. Both of these are very important aspects of a divorce and need to be discussed in depth by both spouses. If both parties are organized and have the relevant information prepared, a fair division of assets may be achieved.

Collaborative divorce gaining support in Connecticut

Divorce is never easy. Child custody, spousal support and property division are common divorce issues that need to be addressed. One way to settle these points of contention is through litigation, but most people want to avoid that situation. Collaborative divorce might be the better route to take when seeking a divorce that satisfies both parties' wishes.