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Considering insurance issues important in Connecticut divorce

There are many considerations a separating couple must address when dividing assets and responsibilities. Many Connecticut residents facing divorce will focus on large issues like child support and debt division. However, of equal importance is the issue of insurance -- from life insurance to car insurance. How do couples facing separation deal with dividing these critical policies?

Divorce issues different for older Connecticut spouses

The divorce rate among older Americans is higher than ever before. High profile splits between couples such as Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al and Tipper Gore have brought the issue to the forefront. Recent statistics suggest that as many as one in every four divorced spouses is 50 years of age or older. The divorce issues facing older Connecticut residents are different than those for couples in their twenties or thirties.

Why filing for divorce first is a smart move

Throughout the Connecticut divorce process there are a multitude of decisions that must be made. In many cases, the ramifications of these decisions can have lasting effects. Perhaps the most significant choice facing a spouse is whether to file for divorce first or wait for one's husband or wife to file.

Divorce can grant an ex-spouse Social Security benefits

When a divorced individual nears retirement age, his or her thoughts often turn toward retirement funding. In some cases, these needs were addressed during the Connecticut divorce process, and adequate retirement savings were gained in the final settlement. In some cases, however, divorced spouses near retirement age without sufficient funding. This can leave some wondering if they are able to collect on an ex-spouse's Social Security benefits.

Budgeting for Connecticut divorce: Best practices

When preparing to file for divorce, many Connecticut spouses feel the need to set aside funding in case the process becomes contentious or lengthy. The impulse to prepare is not only understandable, but is also a savvy financial move. However, the manner in which one funds a 'hidden' divorce fund is very important, as the ramifications for making a poor decision can be severe.

Divorce options exist for Connecticut spouses

In recent years, the media has placed a heavy focus on the most contentious and bitter of divorces. Whether it is coverage of a nasty celebrity divorce or reality television shows that seem to revolve on nothing other than warring spouses, the images we see of divorce are almost universally negative. This is unfortunate, because there are many ways that a Connecticut couple can end a marriage, and not all involve lengthy or embittered fighting.

Groundbreaking joint custody move in one state

Connecticut readers may have heard media coverage of one state's efforts to level the playing field between mothers and fathers when it comes to child custody rights. A new bill has been proposed that would grant equal or joint custody rights to fathers of children who are born out of wedlock. If successful, this would be the first state to do so, and could lead to similar changes in states across the nation.

Child support debt does not have to mean jail time

For many Connecticut parents, meeting their monthly child support obligation has become increasingly difficult in recent years. A sluggish economy and slowly recovering job market have left many parents struggling to make ends meet. While the vast majority of non-custodial parents have the intention and desire to provide for their children, there are cases in which conditions out of their control have made it impossible to sustain pre-existing levels of child support.

Child custody battle of interest to all military parents

In matters of child custody, family courts in Connecticut and elsewhere are expected to make rulings that serve the best interests of the child or children at the center of each case. This is a responsibility that the American people entrust to the courts, and one that can have serious repercussions on both the individuals involved and the constitutional rights of all parents. One ongoing child custody battle has made news across the country, as it involves a challenge to the parental rights of Unites States service members.

Child custody mistakes could be devastating to Connecticut parent

Connecticut parents make daily decisions concerning the health and well-being of their children. We research the best toys to buy, make sure our homes are fully child-proofed and choose activities that will both entertain and enrich our children. However, for a growing number of single parents, one of the most essential forms of protection is often overlooked. When one parent is absent or shows little interest in his or her child, the other parent often believes that there is no need for a formal child custody agreement. In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth.