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Subcontractors make child support hard to collect in Connecticut

When a relationship involving children dissolves, many questions surface regarding the care and financial obligations necessary to provide for the kids. Child support is often agreed upon or court-ordered, but some Connecticut parents are still finding ways to avoid making the payments. Working as a subcontractor has long been a means for many court-ordered parents to avoid having their wages garnished after failing to make court-ordered payments.

Connecticut celebrity caught up in child support battle

Connecticut celebrities can find themselves in situations that leave their personal lives open to the public. One such athlete, Miguel Cabrera, is in the midst of a now very public child custody battle with a woman in another state. She claims he is not paying enough in child support. He contests, saying the florist is trying to get more money from him for personal use under the guise of child support payments.

Connecticut paternity and child support

Expecting a child can be a wonderful and highly anticipated event for the parents and other family members. Preparations for the new arrival often begin to take place almost immediately. Picking out baby names, nursery colors and finding suitable and affordable childcare can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming task. For some Connecticut parents, the situation may not be one of excitement, as an impending divorce or the breaking off of the relationship with the other parent may overshadow the joy of the upcoming birth. For parents who are no longer living together, the primary caregiver may seek child support and/or a custody agreement to set visitation guidelines and to help ease the financial burden that raising a child can create.

Who determines child support in Connecticut?

Whether you were married a couple years or decades before you filed for divorce, if you and your former spouse had children together during that time, you'll likely have to resolve several issues regarding their care and financial support before achieving a settlement. Such topics often prompt many questions, including who, if anyone, will pay child support, how much that support might be and who decides. In Connecticut, there are guidelines to help those facing such situations navigate the family law system. 

Child support guidelines vary by state

Connecticut parents who have ended their marriages in court may be well aware of how emotionally charged situations can become, especially those pertaining to children. Child custody, visitation and support are among the top three issues that often wind up pitting parents against each other in drawn out courtroom battles. Child support guidelines vary by state, so anyone preparing to address this type of matter in court will want to clarify this state's laws before proceeding.

Outgoing administration makes changes to child support for some

The majority of divorced parents who do not have physical custody make every effort to fulfill their financial obligations to their children. There are some circumstances that may make it difficult for some parents to make their child support payments. A new federal law recently was enacted that will affect families in every state, including Connecticut.

Child support owed by reportedly reluctant adoptive parent

In today's society, many Connecticut marriages include children from previous relationships. Sometimes the other biological parent remains a part of the children's lives; however, sometimes that parent has no contact with the children. In this case, it may be in the family's best interest for the stepparent to adopt the children, which can provide a sense of family and belonging, and it can also open the door to child support issues in the event of a divorce.

Connecticut parents responsible for child support

When it comes to children, the Connecticut legal system generally does its best to make sure that children are protected. One way that it does this is through its insistence on parents taking responsibility for their children by paying child support. The courts recognize that caring for and raising a child is an expensive endeavor that is the responsibility of both parents.

Connecticut families can struggle when child support not received

Being a parent can be one of life's most fulfilling challenges. It can also be one of life's most difficult challenges when the resources are not there to properly take care of a child. For many single parents across Connecticut, it is a daily struggle to provide anything more than just the basic necessities for children. The primary reason for this struggle for many can be traced back to unpaid child support.

Jeremy Renner's child support problems of interest in Connecticut

There is no question about it -- children are expensive. In addition to basic needs such as food, clothes and housing, they often require money for school supplies, extra-curricular activities and dental bills. At times, it can be difficult for a Connecticut couple to keep up with everything that a child needs or would like to have. However, for a single parent depending on child support payments, it can be difficult to keep up with even the basics.