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Cooperative parenting isn't always an option

Ideally, parents are able to work together to raise their children. However, there are circumstances in which a parent in Connecticut or another state may need to protect their child from the other parent. This may be true in the event that a parent has threatened another family member whether it is an adult or a child. Parents may also not be able to work together to raise a child if one of them is currently in jail or prison.

These factors may indicate a divorce is inevitable

Connecticut couples who are in committed relationships may truly care for their partners. However, there is no guarantee that their relationships will last forever regardless of their intentions. One problem that could spell the end of a union could be the fact that an individual invalidates the emotions of his or her partner. In some cases, this is not done intentionally, but it can have the same impact on the person who has experienced this.

Divorce and your child's college tuition

Forming a divorce agreement has mostly to do with what you and your spouse want, but there are also some requirements the court may order if it does not feel that personal agreement does not go far enough. Education is one of those areas.

What to do after the divorce is finalized

Many people who go through a divorce in Connecticut feel ready to start a new life. While they may be anxious to do this, there are certain steps that will need to be taken in the time after the divorce has been finalized. This will protect the recently divorced individual financially and help them as they make their new start.

3 myths about co-parenting

One of the most difficult aspects of getting a divorce is figuring out custody and visitation. In an ideal situation, you and your ex will co-parent in some capacity. Custody may not be 50/50, but having both parents actively involved with children is what the courts prefer. Research shows that co-parenting is ideal for children, as long as there are no abuse or substance problems with either parent.

How to make coparenting after divorce more effective

When parents in Connecticut get a divorce, they usually must remain connected in some way through their children. There will be times when both parents need to be present at important events in their children's lives. When this happens, they should make an effort to get along.

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