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December 2018 Archives

Divorce challenges spouses who own businesses together

Many couples who end their marriages in Connecticut encounter difficulties when dividing marital property. Spouses who own a business together or with other partners, however, have even greater challenges to overcome when preparing for divorce. They need to determine the value of the enterprise and make decisions about selling the business or buying out a departing partner.

DNA testing and family court issues

For people in Connecticut dealing with family court issues, DNA paternity testing is an increasingly important part of the courtroom landscape. DNA testing is becoming widely popular and accessible in a range of contexts: criminal cases can hinge on DNA evidence, and many people are opting for private DNA tests to learn more about their families and ancestry. Because DNA tests are over 99.99 percent accurate, they can play a critical role in firmly and legally establishing a child's parentage, especially when the mother and the father are unmarried.

Reasons a child support order may be changed

In Connecticut and many other states, a child support order is based on the amount of money each parent makes. The financial needs of the child are also taken into consideration. For instance, the parent of a child who has special medical or educational needs may be expected to pay more each month. If necessary, a parent can ask for a reduction in the amount of financial support being provided to the child.

Easing family stress during the holidays after a divorce

For many families in Connecticut, the holidays naturally bring a certain amount of anticipation and stress. Emotions like these can be further amplified when divorce is part of the picture, especially when children are involved. The increased transfer of kids between homes also creates more opportunities for tensions to arise, but there are certain steps that may help both parents and children enjoy the holidays after a divorce.

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