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Domestic violence an all people's issue, not just women's issue

It is unfair to paint an entire gender with the same paintbrush. Although 85 percent of domestic violence victims are women and most of the violence is perpetrated by men, not all men are abusers. In fact, most aren't. Violence that is gender based is not just a women's issue -- it's one  that pertains to society in general. Education and engagement of boys and men is crucial, experts say, for thwarting domestic violence in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Many males are still raised with the mindset of putting on a brave face, acting tough and not letting their emotions show. This causes good men to be silent, which actually helps those men who are abusive. These men aren't used to being called out by their counterparts for being violent or for inappropriate behavior in general. If more of the good guys spoke up, perhaps less of the less-than-stellar ones would act out violently.

Men who call out the inappropriate behavior of other men are teaching their sons that this is the right thing to do -- that violence or off-color jokes or remarks -- are unacceptable. By men teaching boys that abusing and/or degrading women is unacceptable, inappropriate behavior will eventually become less and less. Men who show boys that they support strong women who are unafraid to stand up for themselves and to speak out against violence are strong role models since children learn by mirroring.

Sadly, domestic violence is still a reality. Connecticut men or women who have been on the receiving end of violence have the right to seek advice from an attorney on pursuing compensation for their pain and suffering. A compassionate lawyer may be able to enlighten his or her client on what can be done under the law when abuse is an issue.

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