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Divorce on the rise for those over the age of 50

Even couples who have been married for decades may not be immune to the possibility of having marital troubles to the breaking point. When the kids have left the nest and it's just two people in their big Connecticut house for the first time in forever, they both might soon realize that the kids actually kept them together. These individuals may still be young enough to start life anew and may make the difficult decision to divorce.

According to a study, the good news is that the rate of divorce for those over the age of 50 is still not that high, even though it has doubled since 1990; yet, it is still half the rate for than for those less than 50. A university study has shown that baby boomer divorce rates aren't associated with having an empty nest, or because of illness. The study did show that the quality of the marriage, measured by how couples spent their free time together and their level of enjoyment of that time, played a significant role. Fostering a friendship over the years was also a key ingredient to having lasting marriages.

Gray divorce can create a financial problem for the couple involved. Divorce later in life could mean less retirement income and less income in general. In fact, that issue may sway older couples from getting divorced. Divorce odds were about 38 percent lower for couples with more than $250,000 in assets. Financial security almost acted like a protection against separation.

Being armed with information about how divorce might impact them legally, may be helpful for older married people who are considering that avenue. A Connecticut lawyer may be able to provide invaluable advice to help his or her client to make a possible life-changing decision. Divorce is never easy, but having the right information to make an informed decision may reduce the pressure somewhat.   

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