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June 2018 Archives

Sudden changes in child custody can cause separation anxiety

Most Connecticut parents would likely agree that even if two parents maintain separate households and are no longer a couple, both parties still want what's best for their children. Often, child custody can be a point of contention between two parents, especially if a new custody arrangement needs to be made in the aftermath of an end to a relationship, such as a divorce. It is common for both parents to have trouble learning to adjust to a new shared schedule, and issues like physical custody, child support and visitation must be addressed. 

Domestic violence an all people's issue, not just women's issue

It is unfair to paint an entire gender with the same paintbrush. Although 85 percent of domestic violence victims are women and most of the violence is perpetrated by men, not all men are abusers. In fact, most aren't. Violence that is gender based is not just a women's issue -- it's one  that pertains to society in general. Education and engagement of boys and men is crucial, experts say, for thwarting domestic violence in Connecticut and elsewhere.

3 common parenting plan mistakes

Creating a parenting plan is a great way to collaborate with your ex and form an agreement for co-parenting that fits both of your lives. In addition to the benefit it provides to both parents, such an approach also benefits kids by providing much-needed stability in the wake of major life changes. This consistency is one of the greatest advantages a parenting plan offers, but only if you avoid mistakes.

Divorce on the rise for those over the age of 50

Even couples who have been married for decades may not be immune to the possibility of having marital troubles to the breaking point. When the kids have left the nest and it's just two people in their big Connecticut house for the first time in forever, they both might soon realize that the kids actually kept them together. These individuals may still be young enough to start life anew and may make the difficult decision to divorce.

Financial concerns and divorce

The writing is on the wall. No matter how hard the Connecticut couple has tried, the marriage simply will not work out. When this happens, it is time to review one's situation and take the necessary steps toward divorce.