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May 2018 Archives

Child custody is guided by presumption in favor of joint custody

The trend in child custody law, including in Connecticut, is toward favoring joint custody. In this state's child custody law, joint custody is divided into two sections, joint legal custody and joint physical custody. Legal custody refers to the decision-making that the parents make regarding the education, health and welfare of the children, whereas physical custody refers to the amount of time each parent has with physical possession of the children.

When your ex opens your mail

You may not get as much mail as you used to, but there are still envelopes that arrive in the mailbox that are for your eyes only. But what about when you move out of the house after you and your ex split up?

How to create a parenting schedule that works for both of you

When you and your former spouse share children, deciding how to share custody is one of the more complicated issues of a divorce. However, even if your divorce was contentious, this does not have to be painful process. You can work with your ex to create a parenting plan that protects your children and fits both of your lifestyles.

Technology may aid in abuse suffered by domestic violence victims

Being in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship can have lasting effects on both parties involved. Add in the fact that technology gives the abuser access to one's location, the ability to read text messages and listen to phone calls, making the abuse even more disturbing. The legality of the use of spyware in domestic violence cases is new and the system is having a hard time figuring the legality of such actions. Domestic violence victims and their advocates in Connecticut are learning just how invasive such spyware can be.

Child support and paternity fraud are on the rise

Connecticut couples expecting a child have many exciting things to look forward to. Picking out nursery colors, acquiring all the necessary tiny items and choosing a name are just a few of the many tasks anticipated. The parents of the expected child may not be married, but that usually doesn't lessen the excitement unless the mother has not been entirely honest or faithful. The paternity of the child could come into question, which may alter child custody and child support obligations.

Divorce shouldn't be unplanned for young Connecticut couples

As things begin to grow serious for dating Connecticut couples, marriage may become the next step. Thinking about planning a wedding can be exciting, but the foundation of a good marriage is laid when couples learn to communicate openly and honestly. The state of one's finances, including debts, should be discussed with his or her intended spouse, and both should have a clear idea of how the other manages money. Discussing the possibility of a divorce and implementing a prenuptial agreement may be a saving grace later down the road.

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