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April 2018 Archives

Spousal abuse leaves victims financially vulnerable

When one hears the words domestic abuse, many think of violent physical attacks. Although this stands to be true in many instances in Connecticut, financial abuse is often just as emotionally devastating. This aspect of spousal abuse can create the same feelings of isolation and vulnerability, especially as these instances occur behind closed doors and are often not discussed with family and close friends.

Understanding the financial implications of a divorce

The breakup of a marriage is often an unfortunate and difficult situation. Many Connecticut residents find that a marital split may be the only way to save their sanity, while others find the desire to divorce one-sided and sometimes are left feeling emotionally and financially used. One man in another state is feeling exactly that when his wife of only two years asked for a divorce after her debts had been paid by the hard work and financial bestowment of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Football star faces domestic violence charges

Any relationship can sometimes be difficult to navigate and the resolution to a disagreement can be hard to navigate. Even those who find themselves in the spotlight with fame and fortune are not immune. Conflict can have a way of bringing out the worst in a person, and the tendency toward violence that may not have been an issue in the early phases of a relationship can rear its hurtful head. Should domestic violence become an issue in any Connecticut relationship, finding help for both the victim and the abuser is crucial to saving lives.

Domestic violence does not ensure sole custody

Survivors of domestic abuse often assume that when they leave an abusive relationship, sole custody will be automatically awarded to the non-offending parent. Many have found this not to be the case, and the abuser often uses the children and the court system to continue to exert control over the relationship and the abused. Connecticut domestic violence survivors may find hope in a congressional resolution that has been introduced that would minimize, if not eliminate, coercive control.

Adult children raise divorce issues for Connecticut seniors

As older Connecticut couples and seniors across the world have come to realize, outliving one or more spouses and finding love after a separation is becoming a more common occurrence. Investing in new relationships often provides older couples a sense of being young again. With a new marriage, the possibility of the death of the new spouse or a future divorce can create unease in adult children who see the new stepparent as a threat to their expected future inheritance.

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