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January 2018 Archives

Technology complicates divorce issues for Connecticut residents

When a Connecticut spouse who has been in an abusive or controlling relationship decides to end the union, that person's significant other may not be ready to move on. Controlling and abusive partners can make leaving the relationship, filing for divorce and working through divorce issues a fearful and stress-laden event. Advances in technology have made access to a person's whereabouts, phone conversations and other private matters legally available to almost anyone who wishes to track that person using a GPS or tracking application installed on that person's cell phone.

Child support isn't in arrears until a payment is missed

For many Connecticut couples, remaining together in a relationship is not an option. When children are a part of the relationship, one parent may be ordered to pay child support to help the custodial parent with the financial aspect of raising the children. When circumstances prevent an obligated parent from making payments, legal recourse is an option for the parent who is left financially hurting. But in most circumstances, a court will not act on a petition for relief until the obligated parent has missed a payment.

Victims of domestic violence deserve help

Relationships and marriages may end for any number of reasons, but none may be quite so upsetting or dangerous as abuse. Domestic violence is an extremely sensitive topic that can be difficult to discuss, but victims of abuse can seek protection through Connecticut's legal system. In most cases, protections against an abusive partner or ex can be put into place even in the absence of an arrest.

January is the month for Connecticut divorce

It is a well-known fact among many Connecticut attorneys and family court officials that January is a season of separation. Divorce filings seem to skyrocket in the month of January, and the reasons are as scattered as the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. With New Year's resolutions being made, the need for changes in one's life may spark the desire for ending a marriage that has been riddled with issues for some time.

Domestic violence in Connecticut resulting from head injury?

Connecticut couples learn to adapt and adjust as time and circumstance impact their relationships. Life changes, such as the birth of a child, a new career or the death of a loved one, can impact a relationship and cause stress. Even an injury to one spouse can create the beginnings of change in a once blissful and happy relationship. When the stress begins to turn into domestic violence, one should seek help, and leaving the relationship may be the only option.

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