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January 2014 Archives

In divorce the parties should sacrifice for the good of the pets

The treatment of domestic pets during a breakup is frequently complicated due to our increasing sense of attachment to our faithful animal companions. Although the law in Connecticut and other states views them as mere pieces of property, many pet owners in a divorce are likely to demand custody of their favorite companions. In some cases, the wish will be granted, and in others it will be resisted. In a resistant case, the presiding judge has the last say, but his analysis will treat animals as items of property.

Older Connecticut couples could face divorce issues

The older Connecticut individuals become, the more likely they are to know what they can and cannot live with. As a result, some older couples may come to the realization that their marriage is no longer working for them. Therefore, exploring options for divorce could seem like a route that could possibly benefit their situation that they may not feel is a healthy one to be in.

Amid adultery accusations, senator's wife files for divorce

Of the myriad issues that can complicate a divorce proceeding, the charge of infidelity may be one of the most virulent. While Connecticut residents may not be shocked that this scandal originated in a senator's office, they may be surprised to note that adultery is grounds for divorce in many states, including this one. In fact, adultery can have tangible effects on the outcome of a divorce settlement.

Understanding divorce process helpful for Connecticut couples

January is well-known as being the most popular month to finalize a separation. Once the holidays have passed and the new fiscal year is underway, the divorce proceedings can be undertaken without disrupting family traditions and at a time when it will be most beneficial for tax purposes. However, as Connecticut residents are well aware, divorce can still be a challenging process, and understanding the nuances of that process can mean the difference between a difficult transition and a relatively streamlined one.

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