Same-Sex Relationships & Domestic Partnerships

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There are many names and levels of legal recognition of same-sex relationships. Connecticut is one of the few states in the United States that recognize gay marriages.

In 2005, Civil Unions were created in Connecticut. In 2008, the Connecticut Supreme Court decided that denying same-sex couples the right to marry was unconstitutional. Under this decision, as of Nov. 12, 2008, gay couples were legally able to marry in Connecticut. After this court decision, legislation was enacted to create the statutory framework for the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Despite the right of same-sex marriage in Connecticut, same-sex couples are not treated equally in all respects. The so-called Federal "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA), has major impacts on the rights of parties to gay marriages. In simple terms, this law provides that neither the Federal government nor any other state is required to recognize the rights that a same-sex married couple is granted by Connecticut. This impacts issues such as Federal Income Taxes, pension rights, health insurance rights, parental rights, etc.

Same-Sex Divorce

Same-sex married couples have the same issues presented to them as all other married parties in Connecticut when it comes to the termination of their marriages. As gay couples are legally able to marry, they are also subject to the same laws regarding the termination of their marriages. To terminate a same-sex marriage, the couple must go through the same Dissolution of Marriage (divorce) process as all other couples. These may include questions of alimony, property division, custody and visitation, child support, etc.

Lesbian and gay couples who are facing the end of their marriage need the same skilled and sensitive professional assistance of an experienced Connecticut divorce lawyer as do other couples. I have counseled many same-sex couples prior to the enactment of the Civil Union statutes, during the period when Civil Unions existed in Connecticut and since the establishment of same-sex marriages in Connecticut.

In addition to representing parties to same-sex relationships, I have worked with a number of individuals in opposite-sex marriages who have, sometimes after years of struggling with the issue, recognized that they are, in fact, gay or lesbian. These cases can present significant challenges, as feelings of guilt, betrayal, anger, etc., can impact the parties. People in this situation need the assistance of a Connecticut divorce attorney with the experience to recognize and handle the special issues in these matters.

Whatever your needs, Stamford divorce attorney Robert A. Skovgaard has substantial experience with same-sex parties and divorces for gays and lesbians.

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