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Men can be victims of domestic violence too

When Connecticut residents come across stories of spousal or domestic abuse, many assume that the abuser is a man and the victim a woman. Some cases of domestic abuse are, in fact, perpetrated by women; at least 2 percent. When a man in another state called police last year, claiming allegations of domestic violence, police officers assumed the same thing.

Victims of domestic violence in Connecticut are not alone

Relationships can often start out wonderfully, but they can be tricky and difficult for each partner to navigate. Disagreements and personality differences can bring out the worst in some people and, sometimes, a tendency toward violence that the other partner may not have been aware of at the beginning of the courtship. When domestic violence becomes an issue within a Connecticut couple's relationship, finding a way out is an important and often lifesaving necessity.

Domestic violence has no social status in Connecticut

As Connecticut couples go through their ever changing and growing roles in life, the relationship often strengthens. Sometimes, though, it breaks apart. Most relationships that end do so with few specific incidents. Some partners are unable to control their rage or heartbreak and result to violence to exert their will over the other partner. The NBA Clipper's center, Willie Reed, has recently been arrested on a domestic violence charge after an argument with his wife, who expressed her desire for a divorce.

Domestic violence victims have resources in Connecticut

Relationships can prove to be difficult at times, but most Connecticut couples are able to work through the disagreements and move on. Some have a hard time controlling their emotions and let their anger get the best of them. When situations such as these arise, those involved can find the argument escalating from a simple clash of view points to a case of domestic violence without a way to escape the aggressor.

Domestic violence allegations stall Tavon Wilson's summer break

Connecticut football fans may have heard that several NFL players from one team have been having an apparently rough summer so far. One was suspended for controlled substance violations and another, safety Tavon Wilson, has been sued over an alleged domestic violence incident. The situation is complicated as police reports don't exactly line up with the allegations contained in the lawsuit.

Is it or is it not a domestic violence incident?

There are various types of relationships, many of which can be quite complicated. From married couples in Connecticut, to parent/child connections, romantic relationships and siblings or step-family situations, people often struggle to get along. When arguments arise or relationship problems escalate, allegations of a domestic violence incident may be made.

Options available for protection regarding domestic violence

Physical and emotional abuse are serious problems that plague many Connecticut families and others throughout the nation. Countless spouses and children live in fear of domestic violence. Many adults have taken steps to protect themselves and their children, which has often included filing for protection orders against the parties who placed them at risk.

Sunny von Bulow website serves victims of spousal abuse

There's no telling how many people in Connecticut have suffered physical and/or mental harm at the hands of their own husbands or wives. Spousal abuse remains a significant concern in many households throughout the nation. A website launched in memory of Sunny von Bulow is one of many resources available that provide information and assistance to victims of domestic violence.

No one is completely safe from domestic violence

One might think that certain segments of the population are safe from the dangers that can befall other families. However, that is not true when the danger one is considering is domestic violence. Even those charged with protecting others from this serious social problem can place themselves on the wrong side of the law as one Connecticut police officer recently discovered.

Connecticut domestic violence can take many forms

In spite of the fact that the family unit has undergone many changes over the past several decades, one thing remains the same -- everyone is entitled to safety and peace of mind no matter the type of family relationship. One of the sad realities of life is that domestic violence remains a problem throughout the nation, and Connecticut is no exception. There are many types of abuse, and victims frequently experience more than one form in an abusive relationship.